Thursday, March 12, 2009

Prince Dixon "Another Child of God"

Prince Dixon

"The Small One" Brother Prince Dixon's first record for Gospel Corner Records. I came across this record last time I was in Portland, OR. Other than fixing a car and preparing to play some music, I spent most of the day flipping through used gospel, blues, and world music LPs. I was instantly taken in by Dixon's confident and powerful vocal delivery. Dixon's short bio on the back on the record was promising as well. After discovering he had been anointed to sing God's praises at the age of 5, Dixon used his conditions of heartache and frustration to thrill and save many souls. Recorded by Glory Bound Train Productions DJ Brother Henderson, "Another Child of God" features Dixon's powerful voice and his wish for a peaceful and unified human existence. A true testament to the power of American gospel music. Enjoy. -AD

Side A
1. Another Child of God
2. Don't Let the Devil Ride
3. Get In the Spirit
4. May the Work I've Done
5. Why Can't We Live Together
6. Somebody Needs The Lord

Download Side A

Side B
1. Keep On Fighting
2. I Thank Him
3. Light House
4. They Don't Live Here Anymore
5. Jordan River
6. Been Praying

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Gourmet Scum / Landlord "Scum Lord" Cassette - Out Now

Scumlord Cassette

Bloomington, IN's Gourmet Scum and Landlord trade sides on this Magnetic South Studios recorded tape. Look for it where you find other fine MS releases.