Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sounds of Tomorrow

Sounds of Tomorrow

Traveling back from the future of 1960s past and through the brain of Bloomington, IN composer Aaron Deer, Magnetic South brings you the "Sounds of Tomorrow". Experience life in the wonderous, comfort-filled world of tomorrow - waking up in the morning, traveling to work, and even socializing over the weekend. See the wonders of tomorrow, today.

Our friends at Music Per Se will be releasing the digital version of the record very soon. Check 'em out at

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Flux Balcony - Spacewalk


Magnetic South is happy to announce the release of the first Flux Balcony album "Spacewalk" originally released in 1974. Swedish-born Arvid Foresberg began his musical journey as an astrophysicist for the Swedish Space Board before moving into the burgeoning European electronic music scene in the early 70s. Known for his extreme privacy, very little information exists about the origins of this first record. Warm, mysterious beats mix with classical inspired melody to create a piece of work unlike all others. Needless to say, we fell in love with Flux's "futrical" sound at first listen. The Flux Balcony reissue campaign will continue through 2009. Our friends at Music Per Se will be releasing the digital version in the next week or so. Check 'em out at and us as always at