Friday, May 22, 2009

Organization of Robotic Rights Reform

Organization of Robotic Rights Reform

Formed in 1985, the Organization of Robotic Rights Reform has continued to spread the word for equal rights for robots in the modern human community. With this audio awareness release the ORRR hopes to spread their message to the masses.
We are proud to be a part of this cassette release with the ORRR. Passion squeaks from robotic output jacks as they preach their circuit board gospel over electrobeat.
Digital release made available at

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lord Fyre's Sound System "Soul BBQ Pt.1"

Soul BBQ 1

Children, things have changed. There used to be real hometown and regional stars. Soul BBQ is a collection of just that. These songs were collected exclusively from vintage 7" 45 rpm singles scavanged throughout the land. I've spent countless hours in cluttered record stores in California, junk stores on the south side of Chicago, small town thrift shops in the Dirty South, and yard saled scattered across the midwest to uncover these dusty and truly smoking gems. All Music recorded directly from vinyl to cassette at white ark studios. No digital processing has been used. Surface noise intact. Every record groove tells a story. Alright sock it to em Soul Bros. and Sisters!!! -Lord Fyre Bloomington, IN April 2009

Side A:
Billy "the kid" Emerson - the Whip pt. 1
JerryO - Karate Boogaloo
Betty Everett - Take Me
Chee-Chee and Peppy - I Know I'm in Love
the Goodes - Condition Red
the Packers - Go 'Head On
Side B:
Rufus Thomas - Down to my House
Syl Johnson - Ode to Soul Man
Wilmer and the Dukes - Get it (intru)
Eartha Kitt - Uska Dara
Brenda and the Tabulations - Stop Sneaking Around