Monday, February 16, 2009

First 12 Releases From Magnetic South (2008)

First 12 Magnetic South Releases

Here we are at our first post and we're already at 12 releases. Needless to say we are keeping busy. Even as I type, Quincy Quartz is plugging away on his Funmachine in the Magnetic South Studio. Here is a list of what you see above:(clockwise from top)
Spacewalk - Flux Balcony
Voices of the Dust Bowl - Comp.
Reuben & Vanessa - Reuben & Vanessa
Cha Cha Cha - Apache Dropout
Weetoww - Wee Giant
Science of Satan - OS
All Tangled Up - Gospel Comp.
International Psych Mix 1 - BA
Around Whitsuntide - Wee Giant
Fuzzed-Out International Soundz - Honkey Cong
Sitar Outreach Ministry
Surrealisten - Wee Giant

Most releases are still available. Look alittle and you'll find where.
Much more to come.

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